• Leisure Lodge in Monferrato,
    immersed in nature.

    Set in the heart of Monferrato in Piedmont, Lilelo offers a unique eco-glamping experience where you’ll find yourself immersed in nature. Our small independent lodges are designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind and built with a focus on natural materials.

  • Little Leisure Lodge

    Lilelo is located in Madonna dei Monti, Grazzano Badoglio and set on a spacious land, surrounded by vineyards. That’s where you’ll find Vigna, Quercia and Rosmarino, three independent wooden lodges connected to a fourth unit, the Reception, via a gravel path. Each lodge, or cabin, has its own unique features – with Rosmarino higher over the horizon, Vigna neighbouring the vineyards and Quercia enjoying a more intimate setting – whilst the Reception is where you’ll access all shared facilities and services.

    On our land we have a small vineyard which produces excellent wine grapes, an orchard you are welcome to pick fruit from and woodland that’s perfect for peaceful strolls: every corner of Lilelo is there for you to relax in and enjoy at your own pace. Another unique feature of our location is the way oak trees are elevated from the ground, cradled by dry walls.

  • Our Lodge

  • You don’t need to go far,
    to rediscover the beauty
    of a loving nature.
  • All three Lilelo lodges are completely independent wooden cabins, raised from the ground and with a distinctive upside-down V shape, inspired by traditional haystacks and ancient farming. Each lodge consists of a sleeping area with queen size bed, bathroom with shower, living area with armchairs and coffee table, a private terrace with hot tub for relaxing and unwinding – and all the small extras that make a big difference.
    Our lodges are fully detached and positioned away from one another to guarantee your privacy. Our mobile concierge service allows you to check-in conveniently and independently, when it most suits you.

Free time is always
time well spent.

  • Surroundings

  • All you need in order to have a great time is a touch of curiosity, your own imagination and – why not – good legs.
  • Discover this unique region by bike, immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the area or get ready to treat your taste buds on a food trail. Our cabins are the gateway to a world of exploration, where time follows your rhythm.

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45°03'19.8''N, 8°18'16.5''E

Viale Pininfarina 40

14035 Grazzano Badoglio (AT)